New Sewerage Scheme for Malegaon City

Water & Wastewater

Project Title : New Underground Sewerage Scheme for Malegaon City under UIDSSMT
Client: Malegaon Municipal Corporation, Malegaon
Project Cost Rs. 264.18 Cr.
Project Brief: The Scheme proposes 2 Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) of 15 MLD and 65 MLD which will cover approx 260 km. length of sewerage network spread over 13 sq. km. The proposed scheme is divided into 4 Drainage Districts on East and West side of Mosam River to facilitate the conveyance of waste water.
  • Detailed Survey & Investigation
  • Structural Design & Engineering
  • Detailed Cost Estimation
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Detailed Financial Analysis
  • Government Approvals
  • Bid Process Management